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This is an open community for theatre in Florida. All cities, all types, professional, amateur, and everything in between.

This is a community for actors, directors, producers, writers, techies, costumers, designers, builders, managers, and patrons. Professionals, volunteers, and undecided. Front of house, back of house, and sitting on top of house. If you are involved and/or interested in Florida theatre, you are welcome here.

Feel free to discuss anything regarding theatre. Feel free to post audition notices, show dates, and even reviews. Feel free to interact with friends and strangers, in your city or across the state. Express your thoughts and opinions, positive or negative, just stay civil. We're all in this together, for love of the arts.

Three more notes...

One: Please utilize LiveJournal "cuts" (see FAQ) for posts of excessive length and/or multiple pictures. If you choose not to do this, I reserve the right to either re-post your entry with appropriate changes, or remove it.

Two: This is Florida Stage, so let's keep the topics related to theatre. Simply put, do not spam our community with unrelated topics and/or communities.

Three: STOP POSTING BAND FLYERS AND MUSICIAN ADVERTISEMENTS. I'll just remove them anyway. There are plenty of communities to advertise your music and/or bands. Don't do it here.

So, with all that said, welcome. See you onstage...

**Community created on 09/23/03**