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At The Orlando Fringe Festival...

James St. James' latest novel, Freak Show, has been made into an authorized adaptation as part of a play opening this weekend at the Orlando Fringe Festival! The show is called "High School Queerbook" and James' piece will be featured as the closing segment of the show. If you know any Party Monster / James St. James / Freak Show fans in or near the Orlando area, be sure to let them know about this great show!


Logan Donahoo
Co-author, High School Queerbook


Come and see...

High School Queerbook - co-written by Logan Donahoo

High School Queerbook
at the 17th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival

"Monologues that take a look into the lives of GLBT youth and their high school experiences. Drama, Phys Ed, History, English, Music an Homecoming like you have never seen them before. ALL proceeds go directly to The Orlando Youth Alliance, Central Florida's only support and social network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered teens and their straight allies."

Starring: Nay Burton, Ryan Grajo, Taylor Grimes, Abigail Maguire, Aaron Stoller, Kyla Swanberg

Writers: Logan Donahoo, David Lee, Chad Lewis, Michael Wanzie, James St. James, John Sullivan, Aaron Stoller, Nay Burton

Orlando Shakespeare Theater (Pink Venue - The Mandell Theater)
812 E Rollins St.
Orlando, FL 32803
(Click here for a map)

Price: $8.00 (with Fringe Button) - You can get tickets online, or at the box office.

Show Times:
Saturday, May 17 @ 1:10PM
Sunday, May 18 @ Noon
Monday, May 19 @ 7:35PM
Wednesday, May 21 @ 7:40PM
Saturday, May 24 @ 11:00AM
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